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Got propaganda?

What is reality?

The curious case of the Revolutionary Republic of Venezuela.

How to destroy a nation in two steps.

What shapes our personalities and behaviors?

Do we consciously decide who to be or what to believe in?

Or are we subconsciously being molded to become what we are?

Is your perception of "style" and "beauty" the same as mine?

Why do teachers make $40,000 a year and football players $10Million?

Where's the source of this reality, who controls our reality?

The CIA uses Spotify as a recruitment machine.

Dimensions 101

Spotify has publicly become another propaganda tool of the Federal Government, with the broadcast of 30 second "recruitment ADs" for the CIA's National Clandestine Service.  


Screen shot from Spotify's player

First step, take control of the education system. Second step, destroy it.

Venezuelan opposition leader, Maria Corina Machado, meeting w George W Bush. (2005)


Extremely flammable phone call between Ukraine parliamentarian Nestor Shufrych and former PM and leader of the George Soros/White house backed Ukraine “revolution”, Yulia Tymoshenko. 

"They (russians) must be killed with nuclear weapons" 

Who controls information?

Have you ever wondered who decides what is newsworthy? 

Who has that power? If you control  information you have absolute power over the mind of the people.

The art of manipulating reality through media